Integra Kerr® Humidity Control Jar w/ Boost® Humidifier Kits (4ct)

Integra Kerr® Humidity Control Jar w/ Boost® Humidifier Kits (4ct)

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Storing, preserving and maintaining an optimal relative humidity level is crucial to robust flavor and potency depending on the strain. Too much humidity can mean mold or rot and too little can mean flowers that are crispy dry, harsh and unpleasant to smoke with reduce medicinal effects. Now the Kerr® air-tight glass jars have partnered with Integra to create the perfect Humidity Control Jars!...

Manf: Integra Specialty Products KERRB04A62KIT

Packed: 4 per case


  • Biodegradable
  • FDA-Compliant
  • Salt-Free
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Integra Boost® Sticks | 2-Way Humidity Control Solutions

From drying and curing to storing and preserving cannabis, herbs and tobacco, maintaining optimal relative humidity between is crucial to robust flavor and potency. Easily eliminate the guessing with a hands-free approach. Perfect for automated packaging, Integra BOOST® patented humidity sticks expertly control humidity levels—preserving the life of herbal medicines. Integra BOOST® Sticks use a patented plant-based, salt-free 2-way humidity control technology to expertly adapt to the air around them—either releasing or absorbing moisture as needed to maintain relative humidity (RH) in a contained environment. They're designed to be slim and space-efficient, ensuring it effortlessly fits in various tubes and containers without consuming excessive space or disrupting the aesthetic of your chosen packaging.

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