Boost Pre-Roll Freshness with Patented Biodegradable BOOST® Sticks

2-Way Humidity Control Sticks Keep Cannabis Pre-Rolls in the Best Toking Condition

Integra Boost® Humidity Control Sticks

Pre-rolls, referred to as cones or straights, have been one of the most popular ways for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs and newcomers to enjoy marijuana. Pre-rolls eliminate the hassle of grinding, rolling, and packing your own and they’re easy to transport making them a go-to for anyone who wants to enjoy some weed fast.

Whether you want to save an unsmoked joint or keep one you’ve started for later, knowing how to store marijuana joints is essential for any pre-roll manufacturer, dispensary or pre-roll smoker.

Stale joints won’t taste good, and the hits will be much harsher. The cannabis also loses potency and will burn faster. If you operate a dispensary, it’s important that you know how to properly store joints to maximize the consumer buying experience by providing fresh, high-quality marijuana. The storage and sale of your pre-roll cannabis products should enable them to have a substantial shelf life – in both dispensaries and after they’ve been purchased.

It’s time to take control of your product’s environment, rather than be at the mercy of it. Maintain freshness longer and deliver the highest quality product by adding or removing humidity as needed – without lifting a finger! Say goodbye to lost time and compromised quality – and say hello to far fresher, far longer with Integra BOOST®!


Integra BOOST® Sticks are a slim profile, non-toxic, FDA-compliant biodegradable humectant designed for cannabis travel and storage tubes. This patented two-way humidifier uses a patented plant-based, salt-free technology to maintain optimal humidity levels safely and effectively without affecting the nuanced aromas and taste of your pre-roll or cigar. Simply store the BOOST® Stick in a jar or plastic travel tube with your product and close the lid-the stick pack will start to work immediately.


Storing pre-rolls is now as easy as storing cured cannabis flower. Integra BOOST® sticks offer a hands-free approach to humidity control, allowing you to eliminate the guessing game and regulate Relative Humidity (RH) safely and effectively at 55%, 62%, 69% or 72% inside any contained environment.

  • Preserves aroma, taste & product integrity
  • Perfect for automated packaging systems
  • Hands-free monitoring
  • Prevents mold


Integra BOOST® sticks use a patented 2-way humidity control technology to expertly adapt to the air around them-either by releasing or absorbing moisture as needed to maintain relative humidity in a controlled condition.


Integra Boost® Humidity Control Sticks

BOOST® Sticks are biodegradable and designed to be slim and space-efficient, ensuring it effortlessly fits in various tubes and containers without consuming excessive space or disrupting the aesthetic of your packaging. Available in lengths, 80mm and 110mm, BOOST® Sticks can easily integrate into any automated packaging and dispensing system.


BOOST® Sticks are a smart solution that allows you to extend shelf life without compromising quality. These two-way humidifier sticks immediately adapt to the air surrounding them, adjusting the relative humidity in a closed container without altering the product’s aroma or flavor.

  • Retains weight to maintain profits
  • Extends shelf life while maintaining product integrity
  • Protects from mold and rot, or boosts humidity to avoid over-drying

Pre-roll packaging is something customers look for in their products, so packaging with trustworthy storage is a perfect way to satisfy the consumers and ensure your dispensary business thrives.

When you purchase an Integra BOOST® product, you are dealing with a team of industry experts and seasoned scientists that provide science-backed, FDA-approved, industry-leading humidity control solutions smart for unparalleled cannabis integrity.

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