Portwest® Planet Products Are Depleting Plastic Stockpiles


Learn how America can fight back against its arch nemesis - plastic - thanks to a new sustainable material made from discarded P.E.T. bottles!

Plastic bottles in a landfill

In terms of volume, environmental destruction and the cost of cleanup, plastic is the planet’s major arch nemesis. Americans buy 50 billion water bottles a year or 100 million plastic water bottles per day but only 86% of these water bottles end up in landfill where it takes at least 1000 years to breakdown, leaching pollutants such as toxic micro-plastic into our soil and waterways.

Unfortunately, most plastics never make it into recycling bins or even landfills. Instead, ten million tons of plastic finds its way into rivers, flood channels and eventually the ocean. The U.S. alone spends about $11.5 billion every year cleaning up litter, according to Keep America Beautiful — and that number seems likely to keep growing thanks to the pandemic.


From State Park Departments to non-profits, from Adopt a Beach to the Great American Cleanup®, countless volunteers stock up on trash collection bags, disposable gloves and venture out to our waterways, roadways and community parks in an attempt to eradicate litter all across the country. Before these thankless volunteers are dispatched, many will be required to wear bright-colored traffic safety apparel so they remain highly visible and safe when working among busy highways and from afar.


If you’re in charge of environmental clean-up efforts and planning to equip individuals with hi-visibility safety garments such as traffic safety vests, work t-shirts, sweatshirts or winter jackets with retro-reflective accents, then you absolutely need to consider this line of industrial Eco-friendly safety clothing that utilizes bio-based yarn technology.


Go ahead and toot your horn! Your crews and volunteers will absolutely love the idea that the high-visibility apparel they are wearing to protect their personal visibility and safety was actually created from sustainable material processed from plastic water bottle waste removed from our environment! In some cases as many as 70 P.E.T. bottles are digested to construct just one Eco-garment!


In an attempt to rid single use plastic from our supply chains and as a way of “protecting our planet”, Portwest®, a 120 year old global manufacturer of work wear, safety gear and P.P.E. (Personal Protection Equipment) has recently created an innovative collection of Eco-safety high-visibility safety clothing known as Portwest® Planet.

The Portwest® Planet brand is dedicated to increasing the use of sustainable and recycled materials in product manufacturing that includes sustainably sourced packaging and labels.

Worker on construction site wearing Portwest hi-viz jacket

Portwest® garments are ethically produced in fully owned factories. In addition, it is ISO 14001 environmentally accredited, chemically compliant by Okeo-Tex® Standard 100 and quality management assured by ISO 9001.

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Now you can equip your team with ANSI/ISEA 107 compliant apparel that utilizes recycled polyester yarns produced from discarded P.E.T. bottles. Portwest® Planet’s selection of high-visibility outer safety wear includes:


The use of recycled polyester yarn produced from P.E.T. bottles (rPET) actually requires fewer resources than that of new fibers and generates fewer CO2 emissions. And it can be recycled again closing the loop. In addition, diverting P.E.T. bottles from landfill ultimately reduces soil contamination, air pollution and toxic microplastics from entering of water supply and food chain.


No trash collection event is complete without the proper hand protection! Compliment your safety wear with sustainable hand protection products. Be sure to check out our vast line-up of GreenCircle® Certified biodegradable single-use nitrile gloves, biodegradable general purpose grip gloves and wholesale industrial work safety gloves that protect against lacerations and industrial puncture hazards.

Cleanups are fun, rewarding and an easy way to give back to the community and keeps plastic pollution out of our environment. Shop Portwest's affordable line-up of products and take back our planet.

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