Divert Landfill! ECOSeries™ BioSoft™ Sustainable Single-Use Ear Plugs

The World’s First Bio-Based Ear Plugs

Worker wearing green sustainable uncorded ear plug

High noise levels are commonly found in industrial settings such as construction, production, mining, manufacturing, agriculture and transportation which can damage sensitive structures and hairs in the inner ear and cause Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). To protect employees, hearing protection is often required Personal Protection Equipment (P.P.E.) when on the job.

Workers across America wear hearing protection every day to protect themselves from unsafe workplace noises generated from power tools, equipment, traffic and more. Single-use foam ear plugs are the most popular choice for workplace hearing safety because they are versatile and economical.

Unfortunately, conventional polyurethane (PU) or PVC foam ear plugs aren’t recyclable. Instead these ear plugs are disposed into the trash each day. In fact, some 40 billion pairs of ear plugs make the way to the landfill and waterways where they remain indefinitely.

Understanding the importance of environmental impact, Protective Industrial Products, Inc. (“PIP®”) - a global leader in P.P.E., acquired Final Fit Safety, a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of hearing protectors for over 50 years and inventor of "The World's First Sustainable Bio-Based Ear Plugs".

This acquisition enables PIP® to be able to offer eco-friendly hearing protection products that complement and extend their growing ECOSeries™ technology portfolio of sustainable PPE. Now customers can convert to a sustainable alternative to traditional single-use polyurethane or PVC foam ear plugs.


PIP® Pinchfit™ BioSoft™ PF-30 Bio-Based Corded Ear Plug

Sustainable ECOSeries™ BioSoft™ ear plugs are the first TAA compliant ear plugs to be made from bio-based technologies. The soft, smooth, low pressure BioSoft™ biodegradable ear plug foam is Made in America. It provides wearers with the same fit, comfort and performance as conventional polyurethane or PVC ear plug materials, but boasts a lower carbon footprint –up to 5.6x less CO2 Carbon Emissions than traditional polyurethane foam ear plugs.

BioSoft™ foam technology not only reduces emissions during its manufacturing, it’s more environmentally friendly at end of use. In fact, ear plugs featuring BioSoft™ technology will decompose 76% in 180 days whereas traditional PU or PVC foam type ear plugs remain unchanged in landfill indefinitely, compounding an environmental problem that won’t go away.


Create a successful hearing conservation program with our selection of sustainable hearing protectors. BioSoft™ technology is available on Mega Bullet™ and Pinchfit™ style single-use ear plugs. Both brands are available in a metal detectable style. Metal detectable ear plugs are the safe, comfortable choice in many manufacturing environments. This is especially true for food processing facilities where traceability of any contaminates entering the production process is essential. Designed with metal traceable inserts that provide reliable detection, they help prevent costly product recalls.


BioSoft Ear Plug Logo

Mega Bullet™ Ear Plugs have a tapered shape that makes installation easy. All parts of the earplug - the cord, the stem, even the bag- are bio-based. Mega Bullet ear plugs are the perfect replacement for standard roll down type ear plugs that require workers to touch and roll their plugs to fit increasing the risk of contamination.

+BSF-1 Mega Bullet™ BioSoft™ Ear Plugs - 200 pair per dispenser box
+BSF-1B Mega Bullet™ BioSoft™ Ear Plugs - 500 pair per bag

+BSF-30 Mega Bullet™ BioSoft™ Ear Plugs - 100 pair per dispenser box
+BSF-D Food Pro Bullet™ Metal Detectable BioSoft™ Ear Plugs - 100 pair per dispenser box


BioSoft Ear Plug PinchFit logo

Pinchfit™ Ear Plugs have a unique stem that enables easy insertion. Just Pinch It and Fit It! With Pinchfit™, there is no need to roll the ear plug before fitting. This is an ideal hygienic solution for unsanitary work environments where users hands or their hand protection is soiled or where contaminates are present and a concern.


+PF-1 Pinchfit™ Push-In BioSoft™ Ear Plugs - 100 pair per dispenser box

+PF-30 Pinchfit™ Push-in BioSoft™ Ear Plugs - 100 pair per dispenser box
+PF-D Food Pro Pinchfit™ Metal Detectable BioSoft™ Ear Plugs - 100 pair per dispenser box

    The correct use of ear plugs is critical to ensure optimal hearing protection. The Mega Bullet™ and Pinchfit™ earplugs provide excellent noise reduction, and comfort ensuring that you can work with protection from by external noises. And here's the best part….its a better solution for our planet and for future generations!

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