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Contamination control is a term used for activities aiming to control the existence of growth and proliferation of contamination, such as particulates, viruses, mold, rust, or corrosion. Factors such as factory organization, production control, and technical analysis, combined with the use of desiccants or single-use infection control devices are all essential steps in contamination prevention.

Contamination control can encompass hygiene practices, infection control/prevention, critical clean environments, or moisture management products for use in active packaging applications. Maintaining a clean environment will help to prevent cross-contamination between patients, providers and products.

The term cross-contamination is the transfer or physical movement of unwanted or harmful bacteria, fluid, or other microorganisms from one person, object, or place to another.  A critical element in infection control/prevention is environmental asepsis, or the prevention of cross-contamination and disease transmission from equipment or other surfaces through contact or droplet infection. Good contamination control basically results in a pristine, sanitary or preserved environment.

These specialized supplies provide many benefits. However, when they're disposed in landfills, many of these items will remain in landfills for centuries to come, compounding growing concerns over plastic landfill, BPA, and micro-plastic pollution. 

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