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Micro-Pak® MPCD ECO Hanging Container Desiccant Strips (24ct)

Micro-Pak® MPCD ECO Hanging Container Desiccant Strips (24ct)

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Divert Landfill

Performs Better Than Silica Gel

Excess airborne moisture (high Relative Humidity or RH) is one of the top air-quality offenders. Condensation leads to the growth of mold/mildew, corrosive rust and foul odors that often develops in confined environments along the supply chain. This is especially true in spaces subject to temperature changes such as automobiles, freight shipping containers, semi trailers, boat cabins, RV's, gar...

Manf: Micro-Pak® MPCD-ECO

Packed: Sold in strips comprising 5 x 100 gram desiccant bags, 24 strips per case


  • Eco-Friendly Recycled Material
  • REACH exempt
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Micro-Pak 20 Dri-Clay Packets in all sizes

Micro-Pak® LTD | Unrivaled Mold & Moisture Packaging Protection Products

Micro-Pak® mold and moisture products protect billions of supplies every step of the supply chain, and they are the only-end-to-end solution for world-class mold and moisture protection, safeguarding products and brands from manufacturing through delivery worldwide. A range of anti-microbial and moisture control products for every type of item and packaging method includes Micro-Pak® Stickers, Micro-Pak® PE Sheets, and Micro-Pak® Dri Clay® Kraft, a plastic-free desiccant made from all-natural bentonite clay, packaged in biodegradable FSC-certified Kraft paper. Approved safe for contact with food and pharmaceuticals, Dri Clay® is safer and outperforms silica gel and calcium chloride desiccants.

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