BioSelect® INGEO™ Compostable Catering Supplies

Renewable Based, Compostable Food Service Wares Made from Plants, Not From Petroleum Are Better For the Planet

PLA or "corn plastic" stands for polylactic acid, or Polylactide. PLA is an innovative biopolymer made from poly-lactic acid that’s derived from annually renewable resources such as starchy plants like corn, rice, wheat, cassava, potatoes, beets, tapioca, sugarcane and soy protein.

Ingeo Food Service Ware

PLA offers the cost and performance necessary to compete with traditional petroleum-based materials, but separates itself with the crucial benefit of being 100% commercially compostable.

Composting is an especially good solution for the food service industry because post-consumer utensils and containers contaminated by food cannot be as readily recycled and results in trash that goes to a landfill.


BioSelect® Ingeo™ brand polylactic acid (PLA) is a high-performing, high quality biopolymer from NatureWorks LLC. It is a low carbon, bio-based Eco material made from ethically sourced, annually renewable feed stocks typically made from corn grown right here in the U.S.A.

Ingeo™ polymers provide optimal functionality and the perfect balance of performance, cost and sustainability. The process begins by using plants that transform greenhouse gases into sugars that can be fermented. This technology converts lactic acid into a portfolio of Ingeo™ PLA polymers each tailored to a set of specific performance attributes and is fast replacing petroleum based plastics and fibers.


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Service ware made with Ingeo™ performs in hot and cold applications while enabling opportunities for landfill diversion and zero waste. Ingeo™ products include PLA clear cold cups, straws, food containers, deli containers and PLA-lined paper cups, paper bowls and CPLA cutlery - all compostable.


  • Provides excellent gloss, clarity, and transparency
  • Does not contain Bisphenol (BPA)
  • Exceptional flavor and aroma barrier properties
  • High heat-stable grades available for multiple applications including cup lids, cutlery, plates and straws
  • Easy to shape, mold, and emboss with excellent form and stiffness
  • Opportunity to down gauge using less material
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Validated low carbon footprint
  • Multiple end-of-life options including composting and recycling
  • Ingeo resin is BPI certified for industrial composting
  • Food contact compliant


  • Provides excellent gloss
  • Does not contain Bisphenol (BPA)
  • Provides excellent printability
  • Functions well in hot and cold drink applications
  • Good moisture, grease and oil resistance
  • Easy to roll, shape and form final cups
  • Opportunity to reduce coating weight and improve processing line times compared to other bio-based coatings
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Validated low carbon footprint
  • Multiple end-of-life options including composting and recycling
  • Ingeo resin is BPI certified for industrial composting
  • Food contact compliant


The following specific information is made for the purpose of complying with numerous federal, state or provincial, and local laws and regulations. +Follow this link to view the following certifications in greater detail or to download Safety Data Sheets.
  • Food Packaging Materials Compliance: Ingeo™ biopolymer is suitable for food contact applications and has compliance with a number of food contact regulations around the globe.
  • Non GM-Certified: Third-party certification that verifies and documents that there is no genetic material in Ingeo™ biopolymer resin. Technical analysis and paperwork is provided by GeneScan, Inc.
  • Bio-Based Content: USDA BioPreferred certifications are based on the biobased content of Ingeo™ biopolymer which is determined through radiocarbon dating according to ASTM D6866.
  • Chemical Control Law Compliance: Ingeo™, as supplied from the factory gate, complies with the global chemical inventories to assure the protection of human health and the environment from any unreasonable risks associated with chemical substances.
  • ROHS and CONEG: Ingeo™ biopolymer is compliant with RoHs (2011/65/EC) and CONEG.
  • Organic Recycling – Industrial Composting: Composting is a method of waste disposal that allows organic materials to be recycled into a product that can be used as a valuable soil amendment. Ingeo™ breaks down, like other carbon based organic matter under industrial composting condition and is suitable for industrial-based composting systems which regulate temperature, moisture, and aeration. Compost testing in accordance to ASTM D-6400 guidelines at an independent testing laboratory found Ingeo™ biopolymer to pass all required tests.
  • Allergies: Ingeo™ biopolymer does not contain any known amounts of components derived from the ingredients listed in Directive 2003/89/EC and its amendments regarding allergens.

Most plastics are derived from petroleum, or oil. Oil is a valuable resource that comes with a lot of negative environmental and social impacts. Ingeo™ brand products provide businesses with the option to purchase products made from 100% renewable resources, like corn instead of oil. Corn can be grown over and over again, unlike oil which is nonrenewable.

When you select plant-based Ingeo™ service ware, you also divert waste that would otherwise rest in landfill. Ingeo™ creates fewer greenhouse emissions in its manufacture and will not leach anything harmful into the environment, which petroleum-based products often do.

We Can’t Change Earth’s Past But We Can Its Future, and It Starts With You! Divert Landfill, Stop Plastic Pollution and Go Sustainable Today!

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