Steps to Manage Moisture with Micro-Pak® Products

Unrivaled Mold & Moisture Protection For Packaged Goods Traveling Along Supply Chains

Mold spores and moisture are always present in the air and this means that damage to your valuable products can occur at any time during production, storage and shipping.

Container ship carrying containers of goods

Mold will grow as long as there is sufficient moisture and a food source (any organic material is food for mold), while a change in temperature is all it takes for moisture to condensate and cause damage to your products.


Moisture damage has many forms besides just mold and corrosion, including warped wood, deformed cartons, electronic device malfunctions, peeling labels, caking or clumping of dry powder goods, reduced shelf-life of perishable products and many more.

Almost all consumer products are susceptible to damage from mold and moisture, so how do you protect your merchandise?


Effective prevention requires taking the following key steps to ensure that quality controls are in place at every stage from manufacturing to final delivery:

  1. Produce and package goods in the best condition possible – Factories need to implement best-practices in production to package finished goods in “clean and dry” condition.
  2. Protect finished goods with anti-mold products and desiccants – Your goods are at highest risk during shipment which is also when you have little to no control over environmental conditions. The most effective preventive measure is to use anti-mold products and desiccants within the packaging to protect your goods during transportation.
  3. Ensure the shipping container is dry and damage-free – When containers pass through different climactic zones the changes in temperature can cause condensation to form within the container. You therefore need to minimize the amount of moisture introduced into the container and use container desiccants to absorb excess moisture.

There are a wide range of anti-mold products and desiccants available for sale so how do you select what is best desiccant for your product and budget, while also meeting your brand’s product safety, compliance, and sustainability standards?


Micro-Pak® has over 20 years of experience in specialist packaging and their team of expert consultants can recommend the optimum solutions for your specific packaging needs. A wide product range can accommodate your requirements whether function, budget, or eliminating plastics is your top priority. Rest assured that all Micro-Pak® products comply with international regulations and safety standards.

Anti-Microbial Products

  • Micro-Pak® Stickers for boxed items, small cartons
  • Micro-Pak® PE Packaging Sheets for any products packaged in polybags


  • Micro-Pak Dri Clay® Kraft Desiccant Packets: 100% natural and plastic-free bentonite clay desiccant packaged in FSC-certified biodegradable Kraft paper outperforms silica gel and calcium chloride desiccants.

All products are susceptible to mold and moisture and damage can occur at any time during production, storage and shipment. By implementing the key steps outlined above you can significantly reduce the risk of damage to your goods.

When it comes to protecting the quality of your merchandise, be sure to select Micro-Pak® world class plastic-free desiccants and anti-microbials to your active, secondary or contract packaging operation.

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