Desiccare™ Clay Unit Pak Kraft Desiccants, 1/6 Unit (1,200ct)

Desiccare™ Clay Unit Pak Kraft Desiccants, 1/6 Unit (1,200ct)

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5 Gallon Pail

All Natural, Plastic-Free & Biodegradable Desiccant Reduces Microplastic Pollution

Meets Mil-D Spec Absorbency Requirements

Reduce moisture and humidity with Desiccare™ Clay Unit Pak Kraft Desiccants. Each pack contains 1/6 unit, totaling 1,200 packs. Keep your goods dry and in pristine condition by preventing mold, mildew, and rust from forming. Trust in the industry expertise of Desiccare™ for reliable moisture control. If you use silica gel or calcium chloride desiccants in Tyvek® packaging to protect moisture-se...

Manf: Desiccare™ 02BS10R13

Packed: 1,200 Paks/5 Gallon Pail


  • MIL-D-3464
  • MIL-D-3436
  • MIL-I-8835
  • J-STD-033D
  • ISO9001:2008 Certified Manufacturing
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Desiccare™ | Moisture & Mold Prevention Desiccant Products

Distinguish your brand, protect valuable products along global supply chains, and contribute to a sustainable future by switching to Desiccare™ Clay Unit Paks in Kraft Paper all natural, plastic-free biodegradable desiccants within your active packaging operation. Carefully formulated and closely managed during manufacturing in an ISO Certified 9001:2008 plant, Desiccare™ Clay Desiccants feature a network of microscopic pores that has an insatiable thirst for moisture.

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