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BioSelect® Compostable Bagasse Oval Plates, 7.5-in x 10-in (500ct)

BioSelect® Compostable Bagasse Oval Plates, 7.5-in x 10-in (500ct)

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Divert Landfill & Eradicate Plastic

The BioSelect Compostable Bagasse Oval Plates are the perfect eco-friendly solution for any event or gathering. Made from natural fibers, these 7.5-in x 10-in plates are not only compostable but also sturdy and strong. Say goodbye to plastic and hello to a sustainable option that will impress your guests. Differentiate your business, promote your brand and divert landfill! These stron...

Manf: Bioselect® BA0710

Packed: 500 per case


  • BPI certified
  • ASTM 6400-99 & ASTM 6868 certified
  • Zero Waste
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Bioselect® Ingeo™ Biopolymer Food Products by Natureworks

Ingeo™ biopolymer, made from renewable biobased feedstocks, is a low-carbon alternative to petrochemical-based plastics and fibers that makes the products safer and more sustainable. Bioselect® Ingeo™ brand polylactic acid (PLA) from NatureWorks LLC is typically made from corn grown right here in the U.S.A. It is a new, high-performing, high quality Eco-material with unique properties and is fast replacing petroleum based plastics and fibers. Ingeo™ polymers provide optimal functionality and the perfect balance of performance, cost and sustainability. The process begins by using plants that transform greenhouse gases into sugars that can be fermented. This technology converts lactic acid into a portfolio of Ingeo™ PLA polymers each tailored to a set of specific performance attributes.

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