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SW Sustainable Solutions LogoSingle-use gloves are designed to form a non-permeable barrier layer between the outside environment and your hands for protection and safety, but once a glove is donned, the environment underneath begins to change yielding a new set of risks for the wearer. Lack of airflow and higher temperatures within the glove increases perspiration serves as a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus that can negatively impact hand health.
Excessive sweating can quickly become unbearable for a wearer—reducing comfort and ultimately productivity. In fact, 70% of workers cope with sweaty hands by using glove liners, cornstarch, baby powder, spray 70% ethanol to cool the hands and frequent changing. What is unknown to most people is that the old single-use gloves are a thing of the past.

The World's Thinnest Sweat Absorbing Nitrile Exam Gloves!

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