SW® Sustainable Solutions Nitrile Gloves w/ Dry Core™ & DriTek® Drying Technologies


Dry Core™ and DriTek® Hand Drying Technologies Soothe Skin, Reduce Inflammation and Irritation

Wearing single-use gloves all day every day can cause more skin-health problems than the dangers from which they are worn to protect in the first place. If you suffer from dry, cracked or irritated hands, then be sure to check out these nitrile exam gloves with moisture wicking systems. And as an added bonus, these latex-free gloves also decompose in landfill thanks to EcoTek® accelerated biodegradability!


There are countless applications and industries that require disposable hand protection, both for worker safety and to prevent product damage or contamination.

Single-use gloves are designed to form a non-permeable layer between the outside environment and your hands for protection and safety, but once a glove is donned, the environment underneath begins to change yielding a new set of risks for the wearer:

  • Lack of airflow that inhibits proper regulation of the skin environment
  • Glove friction from repeatedly rubbing against the skin harms the upper skin layers and
  • Higher temperatures within the glove increases perspiration that serves as a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus that can negatively impact hand health

It doesn’t get any better when the gloves are removed either. Frequent hand washing and sanitizing are critical against the spread of viruses and important for good hand hygiene. In healthcare and many other settings, workers are required to wash their hands before donning a new pair of gloves.

Repetitive hand washing strips down the natural oils of the skin, and this repeated wetting/drying makes the skin less pliable and prone to redness, dryness and burning.

The regular use of disinfectants, soaps, cleansers and foaming agents break down the skin-barrier function (referred to as stratum corneum disturbances or abnormalities), leading to skin inflammation and other hand diseases. Add cold or dry air, and the effect is exacerbated.

Irritated Skin


These hand health issues associated with glove wearing can escalate from being an occupational issue that impacts job performance to quality-of-life issues that have greater impact when not at work. This volatile combination leads to increases in skin irritation that can lead to more serious conditions such as chronic contact dermatitis.

A case of contact dermatitis is not only a health issue for the worker, but the discomfort felt while inflicted can decrease productivity, as well. It can also be costly to the employer. Recognized by the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC), contact dermatitis is one of the most common types of occupational illnesses.

With an estimated annual cost exceeding $1 billion, dermatitis constitutes 90-95% of all cases of occupational skin disease with symptoms of itching, swelling, redness, flaking and scaling skin. OSHA’s Safety Pay calculator indicates employer’s cost at $20,000 for a case of dermatitis.

Single-use gloves are a necessary precaution but without taking steps to promote good hand hygiene, gloves quickly become a source of discomfort and health issues.

Excessive sweating can quickly become unbearable for a wearer—reducing comfort and ultimately productivity. In fact, 70% of workers cope with sweaty hands by using glove liners, cornstarch, baby powder, spray 70% ethanol to cool the hands and frequent changing. What is unknown to most people is that the old single-use gloves are a thing of the past.


Fast forward to today and there new innovative technologies that enable workers to perform better; be more comfortable longer; and prevent any of the hand-health issues associated with prolonged wearing of conventional wearing gloves.

Single-use latex-free gloves that have interior wicking systems are a perfect solution for sweaty, irritated hands that perform high-risk jobs. As durable nitrile protects your hands from outside contact, the wicking system naturally wicks away perspiration for a cooler, more comfortable environment and healthier hands.


Black Nitrile Glove with Interior Lining That Features DriTek® Hand Drying Technologies

Single-Use Nitrile Gloves can become hot and sticky inside from extended wear – creating the ideal environment for microbial growth.

Breathability and comfort are just as important as fit and protection, so look for glove products with moisture-wicking technologies.

SW® Sustainable Solutions offers Dry Core™ and DriTek® technologies that pull sweat away from the hands:

  1. Dry Core® lint-free moisture wicking system naturally pulls sweat away from the skin for a dry, more comfortable environment and healthier hands.
  2. DriTek® moisture-wicking flock-lined system naturally manages sweat for drier, cooler more comfortable hands and easy donning/doffing.

The negative effect of prolonged glove usage can now be managed by selecting a latex-free glove with moisture wicking inner glove lining. New technology developments now feature gloves made with absorbent liners that wick away moisture from the skin—sweaty hands from glove wearing can be a thing of the past.

These advancements allow workers to stay cool and dry while working extended hours with the same pair of gloves. The built-in sweat management technology addresses the discomfort and prevents hand moisture that causes rashes and a host of other skin problems.


Blue Nitrile Glove with Dry Core™ Hand Drying Technology Inner Lining

These innovative glove products have solved skin-health issues associated with frequent hand washing and wearing the older conventional types of single-use gloves.

Available in three unique styles, SW® Sustainable Solutions Nitrile Gloves with Sweat Management Technology actively rejuvenates the hands for all-day comfort and better long-term hand health.

  • PF-95BL PowerForm® EcoTek® Dry Core® Nitrile Exam Gloves
  • PF-95GY PowerForm® EcoTek® DriTek® Nitrile Exam Gloves (AWARD- WINNER)
  • MM-11BK PowerForm® EcoTek® DriTek® EnerGel® Green Nitrile Exam Gloves w/ Breach Alert™


70% of reported hand injuries are caused by not wearing gloves due to discomfort

Wearing gloves for prolonged periods can cause excessive sweating that can quickly become unbearable for a wearer—reducing comfort and ultimately productivity.

Sweaty hands make wearing gloves uncomfortable and this creates an occupational hazard to the user when removed. DriTek® and Dry Core® technologies counter the negative effects associated with wearing hand protection and create a more comfortable environment and are widely accepted by users suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.


Keeping your hands healthy is just as important as washing your hands. Damaged, fatigued hands make you more susceptible to infection and injury. And today you don’t have to settle for less. These nitrile gloves also feature GreenCircle® certified EcoTek® accelerated biodegradation technology.

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