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The United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) controls all the regulations related to items that are added to food (i.e. direct additives) and items that may come in contact with food (i.e. indirect additives) in the U.S. The food contact materials are described in the Code of Federal Legislation (CFR): 21CFR174 - 21CFR190.  When it comes to food processing and food handling, safety is the biggest concern. It starts with the people involved in the production process, and it then carries through to the consumer. Unfortunately, many of the supplies used within the food industry will remain in landfill for centuries, compounding concerns over plastic waste, BPA's, and micro-plastic pollution.

The slightest trace of contamination can ruin an entire line, and if not caught and managed, it can lead to illness or death of the consumer and worker. These drastic outcomes are preventable by following safety standards that are in place and enforced when preparing, producing, packaging, and selling food.

Committed to protecting people and to preserving the planet, many manufacturers are taking the next step in sustainability by implementing some of the newest Eco-technologies available in their products.  These Eco-friendly products are designed to ensure compliance while making a positive impact and reducing landfills, carbon footprints, and reliance on fossil fuel-based resources.

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