Collection: Growers, Gardeners & Tattooists Love These Black Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves!

It's important that the hands remain visible during the cutting or trimming process, or a cut injury can occur. This is where our black-colored 4-mil biodegradable Showa® 6112PF EBT Latex-Free Nitrile Gloves help the hands stand out when working in the green! Beloved by growers, gardeners, stylists and tattooists, these single-use nitrile gloves divert landfill and preserve the planet!

When Stenciling or Processing the Green, Make the Hands Pop with These Black-Colored SHOWA® 6112PF Latex-Free Nitrile Gloves.

SHOWA® gloves has achieved GreenCircle® certification that meets all the necessary qualifications to be certified for accelerated biodegradation claims. The ASTM D5526 certification demonstrated that SHOWA®'s 6112PF EBT gloves achieved 82% biodegradation in only 386 days!

They're Also Certified to Resist Fatal Toxins & FDA Approved Safe For Food Contact!

SHOWA®'s nitrile gloves with Eco-Best Technology® (EBT) features a patented proprietary soft, low-modulus glove formulation. This unique formula converts hand heat to soften the glove's texture for a more elastic, softer, flexible, and pliable wear experience that elevates tactility, dexterity, and comfort with durable barrier properties. The packaging of these gloves are made from recycled paper and 100% post-consumer waste!

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