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Picking up after your dog is not just polite-it's the law in most states and communities. The Environmental Protection Agency classifies dog poop as a pollutant, in the same category as oil spills, herbicides, insecticides, and salt from irrigation practices, because of the nutrients and pathogens that leach into soil and water, and impact wildlife, plant growth, and human health.

Animal waste can also generate intestinal parasites such as roundworms, whipworms and hookworms which easily spread disease and can infect animals of any age including humans. In order to prevent the spread, good sanitation and environmental control are essential and before you and your four legged friend head out for a stroll at the park, beach or campground be sure to pack a few Dogipot® smart litter pick up bags.

Eliminate Dog Pollution While Diverting Plastic Waste and Landfill

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