Zoo's Appreciate Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes


Converting To Bamboo Toothbrushes Can Eliminate 50+ Million Tons Of Poly Waste Yearly...and Micro-plastic!

Zoological parks and aquariums are a fun and educational place to spend time. On display are aquatic creatures and endangered species native to all parts of the Earth.

Zoos are not only committed to improving animal welfare for captive wild animals, but are equally committed to the role of environmental stewardship that includes conservation, sustainability, recycling, composting and waste reduction for a better, healthier planet.

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Obviously, the well being and overall health of each captive wild animal is critical to success.

Zoos provide science-based husbandry, medical care, population management of all animals and utilize animal care staffs, veterinarians and researchers.

Their objective is to lead and participate in initiatives focusing on population, sustainability, wildlife health and emerging diseases, nutrition, animal behavior, cognition, management, exhibitry and more.

An animal's oral health is very important to their overall well being. Virtually every animal with teeth have many of the same dental troubles that humans do. They can have gum disease and gingivitis, broken teeth, and painful cavities. Veterinary dentists will clean and repair teeth, in much the same way that they would for human patients but there's a drawback to oral hygiene. 

If your zoologist or veterinary dentist uses plastic toothbrushes, we have a sustainable option to consider!

Leading researchers claim over 1 BILLION plastic toothbrushes are being disposed of annually here in the United States. This equates to 50+ million pounds of additional poly waste added to our landfills ever year. Here's the worst fact ...  toothbrushes take 400+ years to decompose – yikes! That means the very first toothbrush ever invented is somewhere out there!


PANDA APPROVED!OraBrite Biodegradble Bamboo Toothbrushes

With so many brushes being tossed in the garbage each year, now is the time to  consider a more sustainable solution for our planet and one that reduces the piles of poly waste slowly rotting in landfills.  Growing in popularity are these affordable, quality-crafted, sustainable bamboo toothbrushes. These professional toothbrushes enable zoos to transition to sustainable oral hygiene products, keeping the teeth clean and our planet cleaner all without sacrificing performance!

These Eco-friendly, naturally antibacterial bamboo handle toothbrushes feature recyclable nylon-6 soft bristles. They are individually wrapped in 100% recyclable paper packaging for cleanliness and come bulk packaged 72 per carton. Available in various styles below:

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Together We Can Make A Difference

While toothbrushes are primarily purposed for human and animal oral hygiene, they can also be a great tool for cleaning or prepping surfaces, small or tight spots, maintaining electrical items, scrubbing equipment pieces or parts and make excellent garden markers!

Switching to a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush means there is one less plastic toothbrush floating around in the ocean or clogging up land fill. Consider reducing our plastic waste pollution by switching to natural bamboo dental products today!

Provide a positive impact on your facility, our planet and leave a lasting positive impression with guests!

We Can’t Change Earth's Past But We Can Change Its Future and It Starts With You! Divert Landfill, Stop Plastic Pollution and Go Sustainable Today.

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