Oral Care Products for Zoology


Fox peering out from behind bamboo shoots

Good dental hygiene is important for all mouths – no matter the species. Just like humans, animals need to see dentists too but we can’t ask them to sit in the exam chair, open up and say aah. Zoos and veterinary practices have many resources that help them provide good preventative dental care to keep the animals’ pearly whites in tiptop shape.

In animals as in people, problems in the mouth can be painful and the mouth can harbor harmful bacteria that can affect other parts of the body. Routine veterinary dental care helps prevent gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), fractured teeth, tumors, loose teeth, calculus so that an animal or pet’s mouth won’t hurt so they will be happier and healthier.

Dental technicians do a lot of the scaling and polishing and some of routine dental maintenance.  If an animal is uncooperative or needs further medical attention, procedures are done under anesthesia at the animal hospital or down on the grounds by veterinary dental specialists.  

MDS has a selected the following specialized professional oral care products with in mind. Make dental cleanings easier, more effective while diverting landfill and reducing micro-plastic.

OraBrite Bamboo Individually Wrapped Toothbrush


Rid Poly Waste!

These eco-friendly, naturally antibacterial moso bamboo handle toothbrushes feature recyclable nylon-6 soft bristles. They are individually wrapped in 100% recyclable paper packaging for cleanliness and come bulk packaged 72 per carton. Available in various styles below:


SHOWA GreenCircle Certified Nitrile Gloves

Some animals have a history of being more susceptible to human disease; single-use gloves are critical contamination control P.P.E. (Personal Protection Equipment) in zoo keeping. If your facility hasn’t converted to biodegradable hand protection, now is the time.

Taking the next step in sustainability, SHOWA® EBT Nitrile Gloves have achieved GreenCircle® certification for single-use gloves that meet ASTM certifications for biodegradable claims!


From humans to animals, oral health is critical and there is a lot that is involved in providing good dental care of animals at the zoo which is just one small piece to make sure their amazing animals are happy and healthy! MDS has a selection of professional dental items to support your veterinary dental technicians and animal care staff. We have access to many single-use dental care products. Please let us know if you are searching for an item or item not listed on our website!

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