SW® Sustainable Solutions Single-Use Nitrile Gloves with Breach Alert™ Detection


These Innovative Single-Use Nitrile Exam Gloves Feature Visual Breach Detection Technology That Allow Wearers To Identify Potential Damage To The Glove's Outer Protective Barrier Layer!

Affordable, lightweight and versatile, single-use nitrile exam gloves are critical to personal safety. They’re often worn for its tactile protective barrier and ability to prevent infection, contamination and the cross-contamination of germs and bacteria in a multiple of work environments.

If there's an universal fear when wearing these gloves, it's a breach in the protective barrier layer. Exposure from a tear, a puncture or chemical degradation of the protective barrier defeats the main purpose of the glove and put one's health at grave risk!

According to CDC, there were over 81,000 cases of drug overdose in 2020. Half are due to synthetic opioids primarily fentanyl. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) also reported increased exposure of law enforcement encounters testing positive for deadly fentanyl. Is your team properly protected?

Accidents Happen

The trade-off to wearing disposable type gloves is they are prone to tearing and punctures especially when working among rough surfaces, sharp objects or during chaotic events such as EMS, E.R. first response where breaches can sometimes go unnoticed. Also, the breakthrough or hold-out times (the amount of time it takes a chemical to penetrate the protective barrier) vary from glove to glove.

The last thing any emergency medical technician needs is exposure resulting from a breach in their protective glove’s barrier layer. A torn, punctured or shredded glove can not only put one’s life at risk to infection, it can halt emergency services. This is where Breach Alert™ visual identification technology can help.

Breach Alert™ technology provides wearer's with a durable dual-layer construction and contrasting inner color that allow the wearer to identify potential breaches in the protective barrier providing extra durability, safety and confidence.

SW® Sustainable Solutions with Breach Alert Detection Technology

Green Nitrile Gloves Showing Contrasting Inner Lining

Certified To Withstand Toxic Substances. Biodegradable & Moisturizing Technologies.

The white interior lining of this dual layer glove provides an immediate visual detection of any compromise to the barrier layer.

The PowerForm® PF-95GW EcoTek® EnerGel® Moisturizing Nitrile Exam Gloves are FDA approved barrier protection for patient exam use, the handling of bodily fluids or pathogens and are proven to resist chemotherapy drugs, dangerous fentanyl and gastric acid for over 4 hours.

In addition, this glove features EnerGel® moisturizing technology that soothes the skin as the glove is worn leaving no residue. EnerGel® technology is designed to rejuvenate the hands, provide better hand hygiene and promote long-term hand health making it ideal for wearers with irritated, dry or cracked hands,

Lastly, this glove is fully biodegradable. Better for the plant, EcoTek® technology is a GreenCircle® Certified proprietary SW® nitrile formula that is making a difference and positive impact on the environment.

This special additive enables nitrile gloves to break down (or biodegrade) in landfill over a much shorter time than untreated gloves breaking down by 92.6% in only 2.5 years under test method ASTM D5526-12 and without any glove performance loss!


Work with more confidence. SW® Sustainable Solutions brands of Nitrile Exam Gloves with breach detection protect you when working with patients, patting down detainees or treating overdose patients — it can even alert you when there's a dangerous rip or tear putting you at risk to infection.

Perfect for first responders, tattoo, mechanics, nail technicians, lab researchers, crime laboratories, special operations, decontamination, EMS, corrections and more. And because the opposite color is revealed when removed, it can help reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection.

We Can’t Change Earth's Past But We Can Change Its Future and It Starts With You! Divert Landfill, Stop Plastic Pollution and Go Sustainable Today.

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