MDS Testimonials


I would like to thank you for the professionalism and efficiency you and your company handled my order.   With all the sketchy PPE entities operating at this time.  I am very grateful for this experience. I will write a very positive review.

Diana Sanchez, Manager, PHP Investments LLC


"We received our shipment of gloves this morning. You have a great team of folks working for you, and as always, it's a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you."
Lee Adams, Safety Coordinator, Huntington Water Quality Board 

"My order was delivered as promised, the sales person called me to take a credit card number. It prevents scams. And to notify about an upcoming delivery. Good quality of the product, exceptional customer care. Thank you."
Irina Nicholson, Retail Consumer

Anti-Fatigue Mats Right in your Shoes!
"After asking others and doing some research, I reached out to MDS Associates, a personal protection equipment company located in Cheektowaga, NY, because they have started to carry MegaComfort® Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat® Insoles. These are shoe inserts that fit in my shoes and have memory foam in them to provide extra heel and sole comfort.."
-Timothy Carlo, MBA, CMA, Managing Director, The Reds Group
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"I want to thank you and your folks for a great experience with MDS. The professionalism and zeal that they interfaced with me for one pair of gloves and the return for a larger size was second to none. If this is what they do for your smallest customer, I can imagine then how well your other customers are handled. Thanks."
Duane, Retail Consumer
"Thank You for the Great customer service and getting back to us with updates in a timely fashion. We will continue to do business with such a great company."
Kevin, Pac Tech Packaging
"I have worked with MDS Associates on projects related to safety needs and requirements and received positive support and quick response to my questions and/or needs. After working with MDS I have and will continue to recommend this company to my colleagues, associates and any other individuals looking for medical and/or industrial safety products and/or the development of the same."
David R. Leitzell, Quality Manager / Senior Consultant, OSEA Inc.
"We have been very happy doing business with MDS Assoc. by their flexibility in creating a completely customizable product at no additional cost, their timely response and great diversity of products. Thank you."
Krasimir, Yale University School of Medicine
"Thank you very much for sending the remote cover samples. They are perfect. I am about to order them and will mention that it is because of your help that I am ordering." 
Mrs. Miller, Retail Consumer