Traffi® LXT® Carbon Neutral Work Gloves Do More

These LXT® Carbon Neutral Certified Work Gloves Do More, For Longer!

How long does your team wear their work gloves before changing to a new pair? Ask your colleagues and friends the same question and everyone might have a different answer. The reason for this - glove durability, which relates to a glove’s wear life (the point when a glove is no longer suitable for use and is regarded as worn out).

Traffi LXT Glove Portfolio

Durability: one of the most important factors in glove election as it has a direct impact on your bottom line. Gloves with a greater wear life are generally more economic than their cheaper counterparts as they keep wearers safer for longer and save you valuable money and hassle.

This is why Traffi® has created a brand new patent pending LXT® treatment for their new hand protection range, which enhance durability.

New LXT® Treatment Creates a Protective Layer

LXT®, short for life extending technology, is a patent-pending proprietary treatment applied to the knitted glove shell that limits staining and causes water, dirt, contaminates and even oil to bead off the glove’s surface. Suitable for sensitive skin, this special bonding process translates to enhanced safety, less inventory turnover and money saved.

Work Gloves that feature LXT® technology are ideal for inclement outdoor tasks making them ideal for construction workers, landscapers, fence installers, delivery and roofers. Mechanics will appreciate the powerful grip, dry texture and cleaner hands!

Do More Longer with these LXT® Engineered Grip Safety Gloves

To enhance longevity, Traffi’s LXT® seamless knit gloves utilize engineered yarns with triple wrapped cores that protect the yarn’s cut resistant property while increasing comfort. Traffi® LXT® work gloves also feature reinforced thumb crotches as this area is prone to ‘blow-outs’ from high work stresses.

Super lightweight, breathable and fast drying, LXT® knitted gloves allow better freedom of movement and provide heat contact resistance to 212◦F. For easy size identification and inventory control, LXT® gloves feature color-coded hems and are available in hand sizes (XS) 6 - (XXL) 11.

The new TG1240 TG3240, TG5240 and TG6240 style carry the LXT® mark but the innovation doesn’t stop there.

  • Super lightweight, snug-fitting seamless knit liner, increasing flexibility and dexterity of the hand
  • ANSI rated cut-resistance
  • Hot contact resistance up to 212◦F on the palm and fingers
  • Latex-free for sensitive skin
  • Constructed with reinforced thumb crotches
  • Excellent grip for wet, dry or oily conditions
  • Palm coating with LXT® treatment provides outstanding longevity
  • Easy size identification and inventory control, LXT® gloves feature color-coded hems and are available in hand sizes 6 - 11

Traffi® has triple wrapped the fiber core of the TG3240, TG5240 and TG6240 – spinning the thread a total of 9,000 times! This ensures the core has a high level of protection from damage which increase the longevity of the cut resistant fiber.

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