Planet Approved Packing List Envelopes

The very first thing your customers notice when they receive their order is the packing list. Do better for the planet with biodegradable packing list envelopes.

Once the shipping envelope is peeled off the carton and the company’s packing list is removed, it’s typically disposed into the trash. With almost 300 million online shoppers, that’s a whole lot of envelopes being tossed into landfill!

GreenBran™ ECO-ADM™ Pressure Sensitive Packing List Envelopes

Mistreatment and mismanagement of plastic materials has made it one of the biggest environmental problems of our lifetime. Millions of tons of plastic waste are already being dumped into landfill every year and this has experts worrying about our country’s ability to handle future capacity.

Unfortunately many of today’s packing list envelopes used for shipping are materials made of traditional plastics like PE (polyethylene), and PE is causing harm to the environment as it slowly break down over centuries into harmful micro-plastics that seep into our ecosystems and ultimately, our bodies.


Something as simple as biodegradable packaging supplies can make a positive impact on our planet and landfill. Consumer appreciated, biodegradability enhanced packaging will also greatly enhance your brand and business.

Now you can rid your conventional packing list envelopes and convert to landfill-friendly, biodegradable certified packing list envelopes made in America for the shipping of your orders.

Perfect for warehouses when invoices or documents are required with the shipment, our landfill-biodegradable self-adhesive green-tinted shipment envelopes can be recycled with other soft plastics or disposed in the general rubbish bin. Once disposed to landfill, biodegradation is accelerated approximately 90%+ faster than conventional plastic envelopes. These back loading, pressure-sensitive adhesive backed document pouches are available in 2 popular sizes and feature ECO-ADM™ technology.


ECO-ADM™ technology uses a proprietary organic additive that enhances the biodegradation process through a series of chemical and biological processes when disposed of in a biologically active landfill. Can be either reused, recycled, or if sent to landfill, they will biodegrade 90% faster than conventional plastics (conventional plastics can take hundreds of years to biodegrade). Independent ASTM-D5511 test have shown 10-17% biodegradation within 30 days.

Additive ingredients used in ECO-ADM™ products allow the formation of a coating called biofilm on the plastic. This biofilm is made up of microbes that will penetrate the plastic all while other ingredients expand the molecular structure to make room for microbes. Microbes then attract other microbes to break down polymer chains destroying their chemical bonds. Meanwhile, the proprietary additive enhances the biodegradation of plastic into methane; which can be converted to energy, carbon dioxide and inert humus-like material (organic matter) which is a natural plant fertilizer that makes soil richer, and a biogas.

Selecting a sustainable packing list envelope can be one small choice but a huge improvement to helping the earth. Making this change in packing list envelopes is an easy one, you’re helping the environment without any noticeable difference to your processes, keeping everyone happy from ordering to delivery!

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