Meet the Traffi® TG6250 LXT® Carbon Neutral Cut Level A5 Work Glove

The TG6250 from Traffi® is a new, sustainable hand protection option engineered for industrial work tasks such as glazing and the handling of particularly rough materials such as bricks and stone.

Worker wearing a TG6250 work glove

Designed specifically to meet the needs of customers, the sustainable +TG6250 LXT® A5 cut-resistant work glove is a new seamless knit palm coated safety glove from Traffi® that features a crinkle latex coating in contrast with a nitrile foam coating.

You might be wondering how can a coating make much difference? Well, let’s take a look at some of the differences between a nitrile and crinkle latex coating:

  • Nitrile foam palm coatings offer excellent gripping power in wet, dry and challenging work conditions but crinkle latex palm coatings provide an all-superior level of grip in wet and dry conditions.
  • Latex coated gloves boast a smaller carbon footprint, which is particularly applicable to the TG6250 because the latex used to coat the glove is all naturally sourced whereas nitrile is man made and requires energy.
So, what are some of the biggest benefits of the Traffi® LXT® TG6250 work glove?
  • Highly sustainable
  • Distinct color make them easy to identify from a distance
  • Carbon neutral from cradle to grave
  • High cut protection (Cut Level A5)
  • Supreme durability
  • Excellent dexterity and comfort
  • Washable – certified after washing to ISO 6330:2021, which ensures a longer lifespan for this glove, a more sanitary glove surface and cost in use benefits
  • Level 1 Heat Resistance
  • Resistant to water and dirt


The TG6250 is part of +Traffi’s LXT® hand protection range, which is certified carbon neutral from cradle to grave. This means that throughout the life of the glove product the carbon footprint is entirely accounted for. By proactively tackling a crucial environmental challenge and further reducing carbon impacts within Traffi’s supply chain means that not only does Traffi® fulfill their responsibility, but they also assist customers in meeting their own environmental goals!

Introducing the Traffi TG6250 LXT Carbon Neutral Work Glove

In addition, the Traffi® TG6250 Eco-friendly industrial work glove features a 100% latex coating which is a more sustainable (and a grippier option) from the point of view that Traffi’s factory partners in Sri Lanka manage a rubber tree plantation. This means that Natural Rubber can be extracted with a lower CO2e impact due to more localized production and a reduction in fossil fuel derived content.

The glove liner or glove shell of the TG6250 also contains 10% rPET, meaning that by using recycled content in the finished product, Traffi® is further reducing the product carbon footprint and contributing to the overall sustainability of the glove.

Both the latex coating and the rPET content flawlessly ensure that this glove is fully aligned to Traffi’s SBTi Net Zero Commitment and therefore aids in achieving the Scope 3 reduction goals of our customers.

By working closely with customers, the TG6250 addresses the need for a work glove that provides exceptional grip while positively contributing to corporate sustainability objectives while assisting customers in maintaining compliance with their hand safety policy, ensuring a consistent approach to safety measures for their work force.

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