Introducing StrawFish® - The New Solution to Plastic Pollution

Not To Be Confused with Paper or PLA Straws Made from Plants Such As Corn, StrawFish® Upcycles Marine Shells from North America. These Shells Sequester Carbon to Provide a Renewable Source of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) That Result in a Portfolio of 100% Biodegradable Allergen-Free Beverage Straws, Stirrers and Cutlery!

A cold coctail drink resting on a poolside deck with palm trees and ocean in the background

StrawFish® is a U.S. based start-up offering ASTM D5526 certified biodegradable drinking straws as an alternative to single-use plastic products. The story begins in 2019 when three friends in South Florida became frustrated of the growing plastic pollution problem in their community where beaches and streets became littered with a variety of plastic foodservice items.

They determined that businesses needed access to single-use plastic alternatives that didn’t break the bank but helped their guests join the sustainable movement without negatively impacting their dining experience. The answer was to create solutions that consider how people use and dispose of waste in their everyday lives, how this waste is managed, and the environmental conditions in landfills where much of this waste ends up.

The StrawFish® team explored a wide range of technologies and identified problems that could be solved through innovation. This breakthrough was a result of a decade of R&D, where discarded marine shells polluting the beaches of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico, could be upcycled, creating a secondary economy for this waste while helping clean coastlines and landfills.


Discarded sea shells in a bin

Thanks to the ocean’s prevailing currents and tides, the coastal regions of the Baja California peninsula are famous for an abundance of marine seashells. Oyster shells are already a powerful tool for sequestering carbon. By turning them into an allergen-free bio-based resin, StrawFish® can cut carbon footprints, transition plastic to bio-based sources to create a sustainable product with the same convenience and usability as traditional plastic straws but without the environmental impact or the need for commercial composting.

Coming to market with a catalog of biodegradable drinking straws — cocktail stirrers to specialty items including boba straws and bendy straws - StrawFish® products will not break down or get soggy during use, even when served with hot beverages! They are FDA 21 CFR 175.300 tested for direct/indirect food contact safety which means they are certified safe for humans and the environment. While they look, feel, and work just like their plastic counterparts, these shell-based products are heat-resistant so you can feel confident serving them without melting or leaching chemicals.


While landfill conditions vary from facility to facility, consumers can dine responsibly knowing that third-party labs have done testing in accordance with globally recognized ASTM D5526 standard to fully biodegrade in months, not years, without needing to send the waste to the few industrial composting facilities available. And when you serve a StrawFish® product, you improve the guest dining experience and increase brand loyalty and engagement.

With StrawFish®, you can feel good about providing a sustainable, yet practical product for your guests. In addition to their easy disposal, their products reduce environmental stresses from industrial farming practices typically seen with other single-use plant-based plastics made from ingredients like corn, canola, and agave.

StrawFish’s partnerships in entertainment, cruise, foodservice and hospitality has led them to align with industry leaders including Royal Caribbean, Shake Shack, Marriott, Cava, Clean Juice, The Sphere and more! They are perfect for food trucks, theme parks, resorts, zoos, schools, cafeterias, airports, museums, athletic events, outdoor catering, festivals and more.

StrawFish® offers straws designed to look like plastic, feel like plastic and work like plastic but are 100% biodegradable in landfill. A great alternative to try out at your operation, StrawFish® straws are single-use and can be disposed in a traditional waste bin where it will fully decompose within 12-18 months in landfill and outdoor conditions - no need to commercial compost.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, build loyalty, gain recognition, and strengthen your brand. Show your customers that you are committed to cutting down on plastic waste by stocking your establishment with StrawFish®. Together we can change the future!

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