Get a Grip on Landfill with Dexterity® S15OFNT Work Gloves

We Can’t Change Earth’s Past, But We Can Change Its Future with Sustainable Work Gloves That Biodegrade in Landfill

When industrial work gloves are no longer useful, most workers simply toss these gloves into the garbage where it is destined to be buried in landfill. Unfortunately studies have shown conventional work gloves require more than +100 years to fully break down. Adding to this is the growing problem of micro-plastic pollution that threatens the health of humans and animals.

Because conventional gloves are dipped or coated with a synthetic rubber compound (polymer synthesized from petroleum byproduct) it’s very resistant to microbial attack which delays degradation for 100-200 years. Unfortunately, millions of work gloves are buried into landfill every year and this waste disposal problem has spurred mounting interest in the biodegradability of polymers used in glove coatings.


In an attempt to become more environmentally responsible, Superior Glove® has added to its portfolio of sustainable hand protection and introduces a new sustainable work glove that decomposes into natural soil with within 1-5 years.

Dexterity® S15OFNT Biodegradable Foam Nitrile Palm Coated Work GlovesHOW IT WORKS

After much hard work and research,  a special additive was discovered to create a biodegradable  polymer that when disposed in biologically-active landfill, microorganisms consume and metabolize the glove materials into three natural compounds — organic soil, methane and carbon dioxide. This creates healthy fertilizer and leaves zero waste behind. And here’s the best news, the glove’s physical and protective properties are not altered in any way – the performance, fit and appearance remains exactly the same as its competitive counterpart.


Do you have a green initiative or looking to earn LEED credits? A new era in hand protection is here and it allows facilities to protect their workforce and preserve the planet. The glove engineers at Superior Glove® have elevated the bar on general-duty work gloves and created the biodegradable Dexterity® S15OFNT seamless knit palm coated glove.

The Dexterity® S15OFNT Sustainable Work Gloves are sewn with a 15-gauge seamless knit 100% virgin cotton and feature a special additive in the foam nitrile palm coating that make them completely biodegradable in landfill.

Ideal for general purpose use and parts handling, the seamless knit shell is soft and comfortable against the skin while the high-visibility orange textured foam nitrile palm coating provides a steady grip when handling wet or lightly oiled parts.  These Dexterity® S15OFNT gloves also provide ANSI level 4 abrasion resistance and ANSI level 2 puncture resistance.

Perfect for Eco-conscious facilities and businesses interested in boosting green initiatives, these sustainable work gloves are ideal for zoos, ground and maintenance, assembly, material handling, site clean-up, landscaping, gardening, farming and more.

Many workplaces struggle with the disposal of hard to recycle gloves as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility environmental sustainability initiatives. Not anymore!  The future of industrial hand protection has arrived! Simply toss these biodegradable work gloves into the garbage and let the planet do the rest!

  Stop Contributing to the Problem and Join The Sustainable Solution.

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