SHOWA® 6110PF Single-Use Green Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves

Biodegradable in Landfill. Validated by independent certified laboratories using ASTM International test methods (ASTM D5511)

It seems like single-use gloves are worn virtually everywhere. Simple, inexpensive and practical, they protect wearers from cross contamination and are regulated by the government to be worn to cover the hand when handling consumer type items such as food or pharmaceuticals because, well, hands can be dirty and transmit all types of nasty stuff.

When you consider how many people wear and dispose single-use gloves in hospitals, offices, schools, warehouses, labs and food processing establishments every day, the numbers are outrageous. For most businesses, workers simply toss these gloves into the garbage where they make their way to landfill and studies have shown, it can take 200+ years to decompose. That means every nitrile glove ever worn is sadly still in landfill!

Boost Green Credentials. Improve Sustainability. Reduce Recycling Costs & Landfill.

In an attempt to eliminate landfill and preserve the planet, SHOWA® has introduced its line of biodegradable single-use nitrile gloves and they are being well received by environmentally conscience businesses!

Showa® 6112PF Green Biodegradable EBT Nitrile Gloves
Breakthrough Innovation

Crafted with SHOWA’s revolutionary Eco Best Technology® (EBT), it is the breakthrough innovation that makes these snug-fitting 6110PF Green SHOWA® powder-free nitrile gloves fully biodegradable, sustainable and the first of their kind.

SHOWA® glove has achieved the GreenCircle® certification for a growing segment of protective gloves that meet all the necessary qualifications to be certified for biodegradable claims.

The ASTM D5526 test certification demonstrated that SHOWA® EBT gloves achieved 82% biodegradation in only 386 days, while gloves without EBT achieved only 1.9% biodegradation over the same period of time. EBT offers the solution that makes a difference to the environment, without any compromise on protection and performance for the user.

Conventional nitrile gloves cannot attract enough (if any) microbial activity to begin breaking down the polymer’s molecular structure, thus leaving the process of reclamation to light, heat, mechanical stress and moisture... unlike these SHOWA® 6110PF biodegradable gloves!

EBT accelerates the biodegradation of nitrile in biologically active landfill and it does not alter the protective nature or shelf life of the glove nor will it begin to biodegrade prior to disposal.

Zero Waste

When disposed in landfill, an EBT organic additive is designed to make these 6110PF Gloves attractive to microbial activity in a landfill. Upon consumption of the EBT formulation, micro-organisms excrete enzymes that breaks down the nitrile into healthy soil leaving zero waste behind!

Protection, Preservation & Performance - A Better Choice For The Planet

The innovative green color is both appropriate and colorful making them an ideal choice for environments looking for a change from the norm, practice color-coding or for facilities that want to promote sustainability with maximum visual impact.

Decreased risk of allergies make these perfect for public utilities, janitorial, zoos, healthcare, harvesting, spas, natural foods, housekeeping, growing/processing, pharmaceutical, landscaping, growers and gardeners, laboratory, food processing, automotive, museums, and agriculture.

These SHOWA® Nitrile Gloves use a soft low modulus formula that utilizes body temperature to snug the shape of the hand, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for the wearer providing what is referred to as a second-skin fit and feel.

The Showa® 6110PF Biodegradable Single-Use Nitrile Gloves are ideal for brief intermittent contact with some chemicals, including certain acids, alcohols, alkalies, ketones and meet FDA Federal Regulations for food contact.

The future of disposable hand protection has arrived! This biodegradable 4-mil disposable powder-free nitrile glove delivers unmatched comfort, dexterity, performance and performs the same as a non-EBT nitrile disposable gloves. They are free of natural rubber latex proteins and decreases the risk of allergies.

We Can’t Change Earth's Past But We Can Change Its Future and It Starts With You! Divert Landfill, Stop Plastic Pollution and Go Sustainable Today.

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